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EDG Edouard DERVILLE Genealogy


60 rue Victor Hugo

76600 Le Havre

Présentation et compétences

  • estate
  • land

EDG has been serving the notary profession for over 30 years, developing its relations with notaries from its offices in Le Havre and La Roche sur Yon.

EDG is ISO 9001 version 2015 certified, and thanks to its network of correspondents, it is extending its research activities throughout France and abroad.

Our team :

  • Virginie DEBARRE, President, membership number C 0195
  • Mélanie ROUJOLLE, General Manager
  • Frédéric BOULNOIS, Genealogist, member number C 0072
  • Adrien DEVAUX, Genealogist, member number C 0204
  • Julia DURAND-NOUVEL, Genealogist, membership number C 0256
  • Amandine LEGRAND, Genealogist, membership number C 0262

The La Roche sur Yon office is managed by Virginie DEBARRE, who can be reached at :

Tel. : 06 72 11 91 16
Mail :