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The Chambre des Généalogistes Professionnels (CGP) was created in January 1997 to bring together family and probate genealogists under a single umbrella.

Our network of probate, land and family genealogists, historians, paleographers, etc., currently comprises forty offices of varying sizes, in France and abroad, enabling us to respond to requests throughout France and in many foreign countries, and to offer a complete and varied range of services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them.

As a founding member of Généalogistes de France (GF) , formerly the Union des Syndicats de Généalogistes Professionnels (USGP), CGP is committed to professional ethics and the quality of services provided by its members.

Through its constant exchanges with government departments (archives, courts, tax authorities, etc.) and legal professionals (notaries, lawyers, administrators, etc.), the CGP contributes to improving the conditions under which the profession is practiced, and thus to customer satisfaction and that of amateur researchers.

The CGP also seeks to create and strengthen bonds of solidarity between professionals. Regular participation in numerous trade fairs and conferences, as well as our website and Facebook page, all contribute to raising public awareness of the probate and family genealogy professions.