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The industry has announced exceptional measures to strengthen its guarantees. Read more here.

Sylvie MAILLET-DEVRIENDT, family genealogist in the PACA region, answers your questions. See her page.

In search of Toussaint LOUVERTURE’s descendants

Toussaint LOUVERTURE (originally Toussaint de Breda when he was a slave) was a Franco-Haitian general and politician. He played a leading historical role during the Haitian Revolution (1791-1802), and became one of the leading figures in the movement to emancipate the colonies from their metropolis.

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Life insurance scams

Généalogistes de France calls for the utmost vigilance: individuals are allegedly posing as genealogists in order to extort funds from heirs who are supposed to be beneficiaries of a life insurance policy taken out abroad.

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