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Family genealogists belonging to the Chambre des Généalogistes Professionnels carry out genealogical or historical research, usually for private clients.

Drawing on a wide range of skills, they are able to work on complete or one-off projects.

Their expertise and knowledge of archive centers, paleography and the regions in which they work are a guarantee of efficiency.

For specific advice, to unblock a genealogy or to conduct complex research, family genealogists can intervene in a variety of cases:

  • Descent
  • Ancestry
  • Biography
  • Search for deeds and archives
  • Transcription
  • History of a property
  • Creating trees

After precisely defining their clients’ needs, professional family genealogists draw up an estimate and a contract setting out their mission, their remuneration (flat-rate or hourly + travel and accommodation expenses). They are bound by an obligation of means, and must provide proof of the research they have carried out (copies of documents, citing references and sources). Professional family genealogists respect people’s privacy and are bound by professional secrecy. As such, they begin their work only when a clear link has been established between their client and the ancestor who is the starting point for the research.

At the end of their investigations, they present a complete file in the form defined with their customers. Their fees are not regulated and they are covered by professional indemnity insurance.