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Full articles of association are available from CGP.

1. Members of the Chambre des Généalogistes Professionnels (CGP)

The CGP is a professional association of family genealogists, probate genealogists, land genealogists, heraldists, historians and paleographers.

The CGP is open to French genealogists, as well as to foreign genealogists registered as professionals in their respective countries.

The aim of this Chamber is to defend the rights and interests of its members and, as a general rule, to defend the profession in dealings with the relevant authorities (archives, courts, etc.).

Its aim is to strengthen the bonds of solidarity between professionals and raise public awareness of the profession.

2. The code of ethics of the Chambre des Généalogistes Professionnels

  • CGP members undertake to respect professional secrecy
  • They are forbidden to draw up genealogies of convenience (on pain of disbarment).
  • They must always provide proof of their claims.
  • They must not conceal any elements in estate devolutions.
  • They must not engage in any misleading advertising (diplomas, titles, etc.).
  • They are committed to constantly improving their knowledge in order to provide the best possible service.

3. Customer relations

  • The genealogist studies the assignment entrusted to him/her in the light of the information provided by the client.
  • The genealogist will draw up an estimate detailing fees, travel, accommodation and other expenses.

This quotation, signed and accepted by the customer, becomes the binding contract between the two parties. On this contract, the customer’s signature will be preceded by the words “Read and approved, good for agreement”.

If the customer refuses the quotation, he won’t owe the genealogist anything.

  • The genealogist accepts the assignment, provided the customer has paid the advance on fees specified in the quotation.

Once the work has been completed and all fees have been paid, the genealogist will provide his client with a report, even if the research is negative.

In this case, the genealogist must justify his work by providing the customer with a detailed list of the documents he has consulted.

Professional genealogists have an obligation of means, not of results.

  • The genealogist must take the time required for each case, so as to gain certainty before giving his conclusions in the report.

This report will be dated, signed and certified, and will contain, as far as possible, all the elements of proof which attest to the veracity of its statements (sources…).