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Life insurance scams

Généalogistes deFrance warns of attempted life insurance scams.

Généalogistes de France calls for the utmost vigilance.

Généalogistes de France has been alerted to the fact that individuals are posing as genealogists in order to extort funds from heirs claiming to be beneficiaries of a life insurance policy taken out abroad.

These individuals claim to reveal their rights to them, in return for a hidden advance payment corresponding to part of the capital to be received.

To reassure the hesitant, they offer to put you in touch with a lawyer whose identity is usurped, while keeping the notary in charge of the estate at arm’s length.

Généalogistes de France would like to remind you that :

  • A genealogist acting on behalf of a notary will never ask for fees in the form of an advance under an inheritance disclosure contract.
  • Its remuneration is set with the utmost transparency by this contract. It is formally approved by the heir concerned. It is not due until the heir actually receives his or her rights, including, where applicable, sums due under a life insurance policy.
  • When the genealogist contacts the beneficiary of a contract at the request of a financial institution, it is the latter that will always contact the beneficiary with a view to settling the capital or annuity.

Généalogistes de France invites anyone who has any doubts about the approach of a “genealogist” to :

  • Check to see if he or she is a member of an affiliated union or holds a professional card,
  • Contact the notary responsible for settling the estate,
  • Or contact