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Généajolly study

Marie-Laure Jolly

37 rue Gaston Grinbaum

91270 Vigneux-sur-Seine

Présentation et compétences

  • family
  • real estate

Trained as a historian, I like to search through archives to find the best solution for your project. As each story is different, all my research is carried out in close collaboration with you.

I offer my skills in various areas of family genealogy:

  • Searches for ascendants, descendants and collaterals
  • Search for documents to enrich family history
  • Family trees
  • Remarkable or special careers of ancestors (military, teaching…)
  • Advice, unlocking

What’s more, since I’m based in the Paris region, I can easily travel to the French National Archives, the Diplomatic Archives and the Service Historique de la Défense in Vincennes.

I also offer land genealogy research and can help you trace the history of a home or business and its owners.

Member n° C 0249

Language skills

  • English

Search area

  • Paris
  • Paris region
  • Champagne-Ardenne
  • France
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