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Jean-Claude Thuillier

22 rue Sibuet

75012 Paris

Présentation et compétences

  • family
  • real estate

Knowing history (with a capital H) helps us better understand the world we live in.

In the same way, knowing the “simple” history of our ancestors allows us to anchor ourselves more firmly in the present, with a greater sense of identity. History (etymology): Latin borrowing from the Greek historia “research, investigation, information” and “result of an investigation”. I want to share with you the pleasure of investigating, so that together we can recreate emotionally-charged “slices of life”.

  • Search for ancestors, descendants, collaterals, explore their career paths, their social history…
  • Retouching damaged old photographs
  • Paleography (deciphering documents – from the 16th century onwards)

Member n° C 0239

Language skills

  • English
  • Spanish

Search area

  • Paris
  • Ile-de-France
  • Province if required
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